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RADiation Week Three - delay

Well, so far so good with my radiation treatments. I have 8 more to go. Today though, I got a call from the offices that the machine was down. This means no treatment for me today and potentially tomorrow also. Apparently the tech who services the machine needs to order a part. Hahah..... life happens this way so often. So since I didn't have treatment today that means I'll have to add a day on to the end of my treatment (potentially two if its not fixed by tomorrow).

I'm half way through and the burn is not horrible. I mean, its not great, it definitely hurts, aches, burns and itches. I have been trying not to complain considering I have "easy cancer" but man its hard to hold back. Hydration is key they say. Drinking water and electrolyte drinks, moisturizing the area three or more times a day. I feel like I am almost done with this project I wish I didn't have to do.

One thing that has helped oddly enough is, cutting my own hair. I've taken a couple online classes. It's so satisfying! I cut off about an inch and a half recently and have been razor cutting bangs and layers. Really fun! This picture is just after one of my home cuts.

My art business has definitely been on the back burner, which I hate! But... I was able to make a few prints for greeting cards, a few ornaments, framed prints, plus three new originals this week (two small babies and one 20x20). Available this Friday 12/2/22!

Every year I hope to have more prepared early for the holidays. This year I just couldn't get everything I wanted done. Maybe I should start planning now for next year, haha!

I hope you enjoy the new pieces! Pick up a card or two for a friend.



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