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The journey... week six

Six weeks today since surgery. I am healing so well. I have been able to paint and work some days. I made 48 ornaments this month so far! Can you believe it! Today I'm taking a rest day, because I worked really hard at hanging artwork Monday (reaching up a lot which strains the scared/healing areas) and packing paintings the last few days. I am so grateful that 26 ornaments have sold. Thank you all for your support!!! I hope the ornaments at my local coffee shop Caffe Destino sell just as well.

I have a few more doctors appointments coming up this week and next. The plan is that I will have my simulation of radiation next week and get my little tattoos that mark the spot for radiation. Then start radiation around November 18th (or so) if I am signed off as healed by my surgeon.

I still can not really believe this has happened but, I am grateful healing is going so well. The hardest part for me so far is giving myself grace to heal slowly. To not work, to rest, to cry, to allow myself to just be.

Thank you all for your support. I love my community of collectors (ie friends)!

Love and peace,


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