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All Done!

Well, I finished radiation. I know, I know, I fell off from posting about it. I needed a break from thinking about anything cancer related. I finished radiation on December 14th. My skin was pretty baked and blistered. I was exhausted. Definitely felt the fatigue they told me I would. The doctors said to expect the peak fatigue about ten days after radiation was finished. Yes, that seemed to correlate to my experience.

Overall, I know I've had this pretty easy, especially since I didn't have to have chemo. Despite that, it definitely took it's tole on my mental and physical health.

I decided not to travel for the holidays, or go to any group events until after I was finished. I felt like I just needed a break. That means I spent about a week alone with my animals just sleeping, watching a lot of tv (bad habit right now) and cooking myself good food. Wouldn't you know, I feel so much better! I missed seeing family and friends who don't live close, and yet I think it was a wise choice though.

The people at Compass Oncology have been amazing. I huge shout out to their great staff! When I was all done they gave me this certificate signed by the staff and suggested I do something nice for myself that day. On the way home, I picked up my favorite junk grocery store cake and bought myself red roses.

I hope that in 2023 I can recenter myself and focus back on the things I love. I have ideas for my art, so watch the page! I am craving to make abstract, very abstract. We will see if the desire gets manifest (by me putting in the work)!

Thank you all for following my art and health journey. I love you all. I appreciate all the well wishes and thoughts you've sent my way, oh and the purchases too!

Peace and love! On to 2023!


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