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Spring Snow - Art and Thoughts

It snowed and hailed this week in Portland. So weird! It's April and the first time on record it's snowed so late (records started 1940).

I took a long walk to an appointment I had downtown. It was beautiful. I love the cold and the white bits of snow that stayed on the ground. Such a wet soggy walk. Then yesterday I took my neighborhood walk and saw the snow caused a lot of destruction.

The blooms that were so spritely and open last week have bowed their heads with the weight. So many trees have broken off branches, now resting on the ground. It is sad and yet, it offered me a glimpse again at how nature and life cycle in the same way. The snow was a heaviness that arrived in the weather.

Most trees will survive and new flowers will bloom. The snow was out of season. A real surprise. Walking daily by these yards, trees, blooms I notice nature will find a way to survive even though this out of the ordinary thing happened. The heaviness came and yet, it will lift in time. Same with us and our lives. Out of the ordinary things sometimes destroy our bloom but, the cycle will return, again and again, you will bloom again. You will grow. You (me) will root down and rise up like a bulb, like a tree.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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