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New paintings are up....

The paintings that were hanging in Tin Shed Garden Cafe here in Portland are back! That means a few new pieces are on the website. The two larger pieces "Light Me Up" and "Softly Through Summer" are NEW and AVAILABLE NOW!

I'm excited to offer these pieces on the website. Both are 30x40 inches so shipping is always challenging. If you are interested in purchasing these pieces and want to make shipping easier, let me know. We may be able to take the painting off the stretcher frame and mail it to you. Then you would take it to a framer and have it re-stretched ($100/$200 in cost, check w your local framer/art store).

Three small pieces sold from Tin Shed. So happy about that. The restaurant was so kind to not even take a commission on the sales. What a bonus!

November means I have another show at a local coffee shop, Cafe Destino. I am very excited about that show! I hope I have energy and time to make a few new pieces. A few prints have been ordered to sell there and maybe here too!

Also in my health news...... another week of healing down. This week has been good. A few of the days I was able to work on ornaments and even made a 16x20 inch floral for a friend. Then Thursday and today I am really trying to rest.

Pease and love,


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