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Ideas - Art and Thoughts

So many ideas swirl in my mind. Especially for art, paintings and creating things. Some ideas come to fruition and most just sit in the purgatory of my brain, burning endlessly without relief in sight. HA!

If there was time and resources for it all, I would probably create even more things. Probably or, potentially I still wouldn't since I do tend to procrastinate to some degree. There are earrings I want to make, pottery I want to sculpt, wood I want to carve, sculptures out of recycled materials, collage, oil paints, sewing, embroidery, and on and on.

Since there isn't endless time and resources I try and focus. My current focus is painting. Being consistent with that has been fun. Challenging myself to channel some of the ideas has lead to finishing a lot of paintings. This week I took a little detour and did a bit of mending (of pot holders lol) and redecorating (rearranging the things we have).

I've been thinking of this art practice as just that..... a practice. Like learning an instrument I have to stay consistent in doing, in the making, in the practice. I must stick with the one instrument. Each week I am delivering to you the practice, the work.

I suppose I write about this because we all have a lot on our plate, and a lot of ideas swirling. This is, as usual, a note to myself --- keep focus to succeed at something. Keep the practice, be consistant, the focus. This note to myself, maybe it serves you too. Focus, keep the important things and the end goal on your mind, in your sights.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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