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Healing Well!❤️

Surgery last Wednesday went well! I had my follow up with the surgeons this week. All the margins were clear and the three lymph nodes they took are also clear of cancer. YAY!!!! The breast cancer mass they removed was just under an inch. As I mentioned last week, I decided to have a slight breast reduction at the time of the partial mastectomy. This was not just an aesthetic change. It was to reduce the risk of recurrence. The less tissue you have the less likely the cancer can return. Did you know that a law was passed that insurance companies have to cover reconstructions during breast cancer treatment? YEP! My healing time from the reduction/partial mastectomy surgery is about six weeks.

I have some tests out to confirm if chemo will be next (probably/hopefully not) and then a few weeks of radiation after I am healed from this surgery. I should have answers about chemo on my next appointment 10/20.

For now, I have to take it really easy. That is the hardest part for me right now. If you follow my Instagram or know me well you know that working out helps clear my crazy brain and ward off some of my natural melancholy (ie depression). I asked the surgeon if I could go to the gym and he said no, definitely not. I asked if I can walk my two miles, he said definitively no. He said I can walk around the block slow enough I do not increase my heart rate. Anyway, I have a high pain tolerance so I tend to just work through pain. This will be a new challenge. I also can only raise my hands to shoulder height no higher for at least another week. Yoga students, remember me telling you that sometimes the challenge is to NOT DO what you think you can do. The challenge isn't always to push yourself harder, but sometimes to STOP PUSHING. Well, I get to practice my own advice now!

So..... I am healing very well. Now I get to practice patience and relaxation.

On the art front, this afternoon I'll have my paintings taken down at Tin Shed. That means I'll add the pieces that didn't sell to the website soon! YAY more inventory for you! Also, I am planning the next show at Cafe Destino in November. I hope that next week I am feeling well enough to start creating work for that and.... Ornaments!

Thank you all for the well wishes, candle lighting, and all the love sent. I know those vibes helped everything go smoothly so far.

Pease and love,


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