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Create and Adjust - Art and Thoughts

Creating art is my pleasure. As a kid I sold all kinds of my art to my family. Yep you heard that right, to my family. Really I'd sell my painted popsicle sticks to anyone who would buy them. They made great bookmarks! At $1 a piece they made some money for me. No not really. I mean I did sell them and I did sell them for $1 (in the 80s) but I didn't make that much cash. I was 6.

I've always wanted to create things. I've also, always wanted to offer these things of my hands and heart to others. But there is a secret in my studio (maybe its not a secret). Once I create the thing, there is a pattern for me. I usually love it for a minute, a day or two, and then I don't want to look at it again. I see flaws. Paintings would perpetually change if I left them sitting in my studio.

I often look at a piece after its finished, days later, months sometimes and feel it needs a change. This is like our life and goals really. Sometimes we have a goal. We have an idea of what that goal is going to look or feel like. Then we get that exact thing. It is only then that we can see its not quite right. Something needs to be adjusted. The end goal is not the original goal. Maybe it was just a step in the direction, part of the process.

We can give ourselves permission to change the goal. At the end, in the middle, whenever it doesn't feel right, Adjust. Like me adjusting a painting, reworking it after a time, we can rework our life. Keep adjusting till it feels just right. Its okay to change where you are headed.

And.... this means if you love a painting you see, claim it soon because if it sits around me too long it will surely change. ;)

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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