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Bloom - Art and Thoughts

Did you know I used to teach yoga? Of course you did, you know me (haha). Well, when I was teaching I often would say "unfurl" when we had wrapped our bodies in some tight yoga pose and were slowly coming out of it (yoga in yoga out). I always imagined how a bloom is wrapped tight and then unfurls into its glory of openness.

My daily walks have turned into photo shoots for the blooms I see in all my neighbors yards. I see each different flowers unfurled and open in their glory. I also see ones that are past their beautiful attraction and now becoming part of the earth, becoming mulch and dirt to help fertilize and create new life. What a process nature has!

It makes me think again of the unfurling of ourselves. Opening from being bound tight, basking in the glory of the an open blooming life. May we bloom over and over again. Like the trees I see when I look at the sky. Each year they bloom, on and on, may you also. Not every single day because there is a cycle but, bloom when it is the season for it! Allow the unfurling to openness. <----- this is a note to me that I share with you in hope you benefit too.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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