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Art and Thoughts... Walking

Around August last year I started walking for my health. I needed to loose weight but I also needed to force myself to get out of the house. Im extremely introverted and value my time alone at home greatly. The "pani" has increased my desire to be home alone and... I know that can actually be kind of unhealthy.

So, I started setting a goal to walk a few times a week. I mapped out two miles in my neighborhood and planned to listen to books while I walk. Now, months later it is a habit. I go most days. It has changed me (well the books I listen to have added to that also).

I use the Libby app (available free from your local Public Library) to listen to books on all kinds of things. Mostly non fiction, about being a good person, your best self kind of stuff. Occasionally I throw a piece of fiction in there.

I think this has changed me, changed my art. The sky I look up at for the 35 minutes it takes. The person reading to me (in the headphones) as I walk. I find peace and inspiration. Then... I can create art that gives that to you. I think this is where my art has shifted. Walking and listening... I found myself and my piece of peace to offer you.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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