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Art and Thoughts... My Mind

When I create paintings they burn images in my brain. Like staring at a flash and looking away, after the light is gone you still see the image. This same thing happens to my brain. I see images even as I rest.

In the past this felt intrusive as I tried to sleep. I would lay in bed and create and see constant images flashing. Even if they were things I loved it still felt like a weight, like I needed to open my eyes to make it stop. My sleep suffered even more than normal when I was being creative.

As you can imagine this is not healthy if you want to be a full time artist. Then... I started painting clouds. Laying in bed on night I tought, "Life is hard, look at the sky" and started seeing clouds.

Now, even as I rest I find peace in these clouds and sunsets that dance in my mind. Less intrusive. Like the weather I know they will pass. I will sleep. I will rest.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



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