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NEW IDEAS... plans

This week is the first week in a while that I have not had a doctors appointment or scan appointment. It felt like such a rest. Of course my mind is swirling with anxiety but that is part of this journey (most of my journeys haha).

Thank you for all your well wishes since my post! Your love means the world to me. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you'll have to read my last blog post.

I've tried to refocus some of that anxious energy into creative energy. Easier said than done, of course. While laying in bed at night worrying I also have had quite a few inspirational ideas.

Most of the time when I create my best work I don't have a strict plan of what I want. I just have an outline. The same was true of my yoga teaching. I have an outline of where I may go but once the process starts the end outcome often doesn't look the same as the outline. I let things grow naturally as often as I can. The same is true of my landscapes and blooms too. I have an outline, an idea of how I want the finished product to feel, not look (yoga teaching is the same btw). Then I let the paint, my hands and heart collaborate, to create something that feels right. It often looks different than I thought it would. You see, the Muse is more beautiful than my imagination, if you LET IT be.

This breast cancer journey has me inspired by women (and men) who have gone through this life changing situation. So many of us have been changed physically and emotionally by uncontrollable things in our lives. My cloudscapes showed how life and emotions are always changing and yet all, mostly, beautiful. The new idea I have is about our bodies, blooming despite the hardships. Remember my painting "Bloom Anyway." Well this new idea is a spin off of that painting, that thought, bloom anyway. See the picture above as a very, very rough idea. I don't show my sketch book much because some of the drawings are pretty horrible. Gotta work things out you know.

Here is the new idea......I want to do 30 paintings of female forms (sorry men, maybe you next year) with blooms covering parts of their bodies, probably their breasts. I want these to be minimalist but... my idea is the outline. I am not sure how they will actually turn out, or if I will actually follow through on this whole thing. here and Instagram to see if I create something beautiful or it turns out to be a flop. I'm hoping for 30 paintings on paper, each 5x7 for easy framing. Now, I need to go get some paper.

Peace and love,


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