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Oh my gosh!!!! What a ride the last few months have been.

I've resisted sharing my personal life here because this is a business. I've always been a big proponent of keeping most of my personal things out of my business but.... my art comes from me, my heart and so...sharing might be just what the doctor ordered for both me and MY business.

I'm sure if you've been following me for a while you know I've dropped off from posting and releasing art. I haven't felt up to it lately. Wow, as I write this I see it is really hard for me to acknowledge what is going on. I guess I'll just come out and say it...... I have breast cancer.

It's unbelievable to me but at the same time so very true. Don't worry, they caught it early. I'm going to be just FINE. I'll tell you what I know as of today.

So far we see this as: Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma grade 2, Estrogen and Progesterone positive HER2 negative, 2cm mass. All that means is it's hormone positive and we caught it early and VERY TREATABLE.

I've had quite a few scans and a biopsy and genetic testing, all the fun stuff. I do not have BRCA1 or 2 mutations which is great news. My treatment plan as of today is, surgery first, then radiation and potentially chemo (but maybe not it depends on factors after surgery). Surgery will be scheduled soon, ha ha.... well in six to eight weeks from now. Apparently they are blaming those delays on staffing issues also. So I have some time to WAIT and maybe even paint, who knows.

Feel free to ask me questions and I'll answer best I know how.

Today, I plan to share more of my journey here on the blog. I say "today" because my plans lately don't always come to fruition. I've been journaling a lot. I think some of my story may be interesting to you all. Writing is one of my favorite ways to get all the crazy, intrusive thoughts out of my head for a minute and process them. Sharing my words and thoughts feels very vulnerable, but probably good for me and maybe others going through hard things like a scary diagnosis or life ups and downs.

I appreciate all your support! I hope to make more art soon. I think doing some abstracts would be fun. If you're looking for those watch out! Plus, it's almost time to work on small paintings for winter (ornaments). I need to get those supplies and start soon. I think I am going to change the process a bit this year. Do you want an ornament (or a few)? Let me know!

Until next time friends & family....

Sending love to you all,


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