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It's tomorrow!!!! YAY, Uggh

Guess what! I got a call on Friday (9/16/22) from the surgery scheduling person. They were able to schedule surgery for this Wednesday (9/21). Yiiiiiikkkkkes that is not the 6 to 8 weeks they originally told me last week.

As I write this, it is Tuesday afternoon. That means the surgery is tomorrow! I have prepped as much as I can. Now I wait.

If you don't know what's happening with me you will have to read a little bit more, two posts back. Basically short story, I have breast cancer.

This morning my plastic surgeon marked me for surgery tomorrow. You can see the marks here on my chest. Don't mind the mark on my chin that's just a nervous habit I sometimes have of picking at my face. Ughh.....

I haven't shared a ton about what my treatment plans is because, some is unknown still. What I do know is, it will start with a lumpectomy and breast reduction to reduce risk. Hence the markup and a plastic surgeon being involved. Then once this is healed I will have radiation. Then depending on a few things I may or may not have chemotherapy.

Well, I guess I won't start the project I talked about on the last blog for a bit. Maybe I'll try and update you here after surgery, once I'm feeling well enough. Recovery will be pretty intense for the first few weeks.

Well friends, I will talk to you on the flip side. Sending love.



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