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Four Weeks Out

It's been officially four weeks since I had breast cancer removed from my right breast. On Wednesday I had the tape that held my sutures in place removed. So now I can see the lines where I will have scars. There are a lot of scars but they are healing really well.

The pain has been tolerable. The discomfort is pretty annoying but I have survived, haha. Wearing a bra 24/7 is not my favorite thing. I am still somewhat swollen and my skin is very sensitive so that's been a challenge. I've had to figure out to layer a tank top underneath the sports bras I have to wear because the seams hurt and irritate my skin. Crazy, but you do what you gotta do.

Next week I will meet my Medical Oncologist and my Radiation Oncologist. We will come up with a plan for further treatment. My guess is radiation will start in mid November. Oh did you see, I don't need chemotherapy. My tumor was 21mm and based on the testing they've done the benefits of chemotherapy on the type of tumor I have are not worth it. So... straight to radiation for me.

Since I had Estrogen and Progesterone positive cancer the medical oncologist will most likely recommend some long term therapy to reduce the risk of recurrence. I'm going to explore my options in this area to see what best suits me.

Onward we go.... Hopefully I'll have some more details for you next week.

Ps.. I think of writing all the real and horrible feelings this has brought up in me. From the scans and day I was diagnosed and all the hard things. Someday I may share those in a different format, to help others diagnosed with cancer or just going through life (hard). Bad feelings come up, its natural and healthy. I've been working through them. One thing I've learned is not to stuff those "negative" emotions down. They don't need suppression, they need acknowledgment. Working through them is so important. I am doing my best at that.

Love and peace,


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