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Art and Thoughts...Seasons

Growing up in Southern California was amazing. We had the beach, the mountains, the city, suburbs and country all so close. Every day was great weather. It was not uncommon to have a nice bbq and swim party in December.

The thing is, when the weather is always great you don't really know about seasons. We had winter but no cold and definitely no snow. Twice when I was growing up there was a dusting of snow. I loved it! It only came twice.

When I moved to Portland I was excited to have some different weather. I've always like the rain. What I wasn't prepared for was loving all the seasons. I wasn't prepared for the seasons to change how I think.

The seasons have brought me an odd comfort. Something I never knew or expected. As a kid awaiting the return of summer was for one thing only, no school! Now I find myself comforted by the fact that as winter passes to spring, it will come again. It will always return. It's there for me again in the future. I can count on it coming back at the end of the year.

This also made me understand the seasons of life and of my mind. Sometimes my mind is in winter, cold and bleak, but it doesn't last forever. Spring comes again and cheers things up. Summer comes and warms me up. My mind has its seasons, our bodies do, the earth also. This brings me a deep sense of comfort.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



Ps.... I love winter. I am going to miss it!

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