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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

We’ve been frequenting a couple farmers markets, tying to shop local produce and products.

This week we picked up kale rabe at the market to roast up. It was delicious! As we were eating it, we talked about all the delicious things we’ve sampled and how all this food the vendors give us really nourishes us differently (more) than going to the supermarket. It had me thinking how delicious this food is because it’s fresh, ALIVE and given/traded (for money) with a little, or a lot of love!

Art too can be seasonal and nourishing. In a way I’m offering my weekly, alive, art for you. I offer you my sample just like I receive so often at the vendors booth. My sample is on Instagram or here for you to view. Then you may choose to take some home with you to really enjoy and let it fill you up. The essence is fresh each week and I hope it keeps bringing you joy in your space forever. Nourishing you and yours like delicious healthy food.

Over this year I’m sure my offerings will shift and change seasonally (dreaming of blooms and fall leaves already). I hope my art reflects the seasons, fresh, alive and healing. I’ll be sharing what I feel and see through my art with you each week.

"Life is hard, look at the sky."



Ps.... I sure love to get samples and often buy based on them!

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