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Why You Should Buy Art During Quarantine.

Remember vacations? We all seem to be waxing poetic about amazing vacations and wishing we had a vacation to look forward to. Travel is sketchy right now (pun intended). Most of us had to cancel and/or reschedule a vacation or trip this year.

2020, you’ve taken a lot from us. But, we have also gained a lot this year. Time with family. Time at home. Time to reflect. Yes, we have been still working (from home or going into essential work). Most of our lives are totally different right now. This year is unprecedented. We are in the middle of making history folks!

How many of you buy art or souvenirs on vacation? Most of us take a little something home with us when we go to a new place. Guess what…. THIS IS A NEW PLACE. Being at home quarantined with most of our lives complete changed is NEW. Despite this year being difficult most of us have found some redeeming qualities about our time this year. What better way to mark this time than to purchase a piece of art. A piece of art to remember a year that changed many things. A year your life was completely different.

Art fills the walls of our homes. If we purchase original art, it is unique and an investment. Even a small work of art that commemorates a time in our lives is special. We look at that piece and have a memory. It stirs in us emotion! What better way to remember the good parts of this early 2020. What a good way to commemorate this time in history! As you look at your walls throughout the years you will see a piece of art that reminds you of all the good things about 2020 and the things you learned and overcame.

Buying art is investing in your future and the future of another (the artist).

Let's support each other this year!

To purchase my art (of course that would be amazing) click through to "shop" at the header. I will also be featuring some of my favorite up and coming artists in my instagram stories for you to consider purchasing their lovely pieces.

Peace and Love,


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