Original Artwork

Welcome to my shop and gallery.

My name is Sarah Brandle, I am a (mostly) self-taught artist. A perpetual student, I have taken many different art classes over the years but I am not classically trained. In 2016 I took a leap to follow my heart and make more time to paint and explore my creative nature. 

My paintings are all special to me. Each and every one comes from my heart, like a child birthed from the ether. I hope to create more love and joy in the world with each brush stroke. Life is full of hardship. I have certainly known many. My art is a way of expressing any, and all emotions. I hope you find feelings in what you see and it stirs in you a deep heart response....because heart is what it is all about!

Sending love to you all!



CONTACT ME if you have any questions about my store or paintings. I'd be happy to speak with you.

Portland, Oregon, USA




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